Following web sites are my favorites :) (by Mahrla)
Mahrla's web site. Speedrun page is so helpful, and many his videos are uploaded.It's difficult for me to read German, but his site is very useful.

1080 Avalanche Video World Records (by Stan64)
Stan64's web site. That holds almost all my 1080 Avalanche videos. Beat my records, and submit your videos!

GameFAQs (by CjayC)
There are huge amount of helpful FAQs and message boards for video games in this site.If you have some trouble, visit there.

Nintendo 64 High Scores (by Nicholas)
It's a ranking site for Nintendo 64 games. To my surprise, N64HS is usually updated almost every day. 1080 ranking is so high level that I cannot submit my bad records! But some day...

cyberscore (by MikkyX)
A big ranking site for various games including WR64, WRBS, 1080 Avalanche. (by Mylok)
A special site for Pilotwings. Some tips there but written in German. (by merquryc)
The most famous web site for SSX series. Master Run vids are very impressive!


Last Update 2006/05/05