Stunts for Stunt mode

Explanation of all stunts

Standing (ST), Standing -> Somersault (SS)

Very applicable, and high point stunt. Usually you should do SS but if no time to do it, you can have the choice "ST". ST and SS are counted as the same stunt, so don't do those two in the same section.

It's not recommended to do SS at the front of goal. Because, when you pass the goal gate with DOING SS, you will get point of ST, not SS.

Backwards (BW)

This stunt gives you the second highest point in all riding stunts. And compared with those, it's easy to turn when doing this stunt. The priority of riding stunts is:

"SS > BW > HS > BT > CB = FS".

Handstand (HS)

The advantage of this is easy-command "push the control stick down, then up". You feel it useful when stunts required immediately.

Bullet (BT), Cowboy (CB), Flip Sub (FS)

These have no advantage by compared with above three stunts. Don't do unless you need four or more riding ones.

A little information : when doing the command of ST or SS, BW, HS, you will hear a sound effect at once. Then you can get the point of that stunt even if it wouldn't be done perfectly (of course a failure reduces score). In case of BT, CB, FS, a sound effect comes by a little delay. If you goal with doing one of those stunt and have not heard it, that stunt will be invalid.

Superman (SPM), Heel Clicker (HC)

These two stunts will be useful for passing through some rings on air or long distance from a ramp. SPM and HC have almost no difference so you can choose whichever you like. (SPM is better IMO)

Nac-Nac (NN), Right or Left Can-Can (RCC or LCC)

Unnecessary stunts.

Short Dive (SSM), Long Dive (LSM)

High point, and very useful stunt. On Strongwater Keep it is necessary to pass under the gate of castle. Frequently used after doing back flip (this combination is really important), and you can do it by using small waves, a rock, etc.

Back Flip (BF), Double Back Flip (DBF)

The best stunts for stunt mode, give us very high score. You should do it whenever jumping. The command is "push the control stick up, then down on air", but the better way to do is "push right-up or left-up, then down on air". If you do so, a (double) back flip becomes leaned and you will obtain more score than non-leaned one.

When you land on water, forward-leaning posture makes score down. A flat or a little backward-leaning posture are the best landing way.

Caution : Sometimes landing on NOT water reduces score.

Triple Back Flip (TBF)

After doing DBF and landing on the surface of the water, if you continue to push the control stick down, rarely succeed to do an extra flip on it and you will get huge amount of score (about 4,500 - 5,400pts on NTSC ver). That stunt is called "Triple Back Flip". It's quite impossible to do it surely, so you should try it in the first section (easy to restart).

Example video of TBF (309KB)

Right Barrel Roll (RTW), Left Barrel Roll (LTW)

Unnecessary stunts since it's better to do the combination "Back Flip to Short (or Long) Dive".


Last update 2005/11/08